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Online training

Covid-19 has changed a lot of peoples perspective toward health. When lockdown started in March and gyms closed I was in London. After being a personal trainer for seventeen years I had doubts on whether training at home could be challenging enough without big heavy weights and the equipment you get at the gym. But I picked up my resistance bands and started training, and became more creative day-by-day. My body has changed and I am now in better shape than before. This opened a new chapter to my fitness life without using a gym.

My previous face-to-face clients feel that the online sessions are equally if not more effective – and love the time and money they save not having to go to a gym, exercising in the comfort of their own home. A lot of my online clients felt more focused exercising at home. That might be because there are not any distractions by other gym members and you can plough through your session without any interruptions. A lot of time when I used to train my clients in the gym, I had to modify or change the plan, as somebody would jump on the exercise machine that I wanted to use. This is not a concern when you are in the comfort of your home.

Since the Corona virus outbreak, a lot of people have thought more about health than ever before: both their own and their loved ones who may be at increased risk. They want to minimise exposure to the virus, including by avoiding the gym (even when they reopen), and to build their fitness levels and lose extra weight which has been linked to increased risk of getting seriously ill with the virus.  I am here to help with a professional online training programme that will be tailored to whatever level you are at – whether a fitness enthusiast or never stepped foot in a gym.

For training online all you need is good wifi and some basic equipment: you need to spend £30 /40$ online on resistance bands and a matt. We will use your body weight and a sofa, a chair, a door or a window to perform some of the exercises. And for your initial assessment you will need a measuring tape and ideally a body weight scale. I offer my online clients one free assessment to analyse your physical  health and  lifestyle. After the assessment we agree training times and the number of sessions a week that you want to train.

I feel as much as I have invested in Hoss he has invested in me reaching my goals and is genuinely interested in helping me get there. He is the third personal trainer I’ve had and certainly the best! I do look forward to my sessions with him and would not hesitate to recommend him whatever your goal might be.

Hoss is a first-rate PT. He is a good motivator and has an encyclopedic knowledge of how our bodies work, and how to improve and get the best out of them. He gives you real confidence that your goals are achievable. I would and have recommend Hoss to friends or family without hesitation.   

Hoss is an excellent physical trainer! He focused on all my trouble areas in physical exercise, but more importantly, he helped me identify the problems in my diet and helped me change that!! THAT is what I needed all these years and has made a lasting impact on my fitness and health. Caution: He has a way of knowing what you’ve eaten even if you don’t tell him, so beware! 

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My experience of PT sessions with Hoss has been entirely positive, at all times. Hoss has always been reliable and professional. He has pushed me to limits further than I knew I was capable of, but never to an excess. I have been the healthiest and strongest in years, thanks to the PT sessions with Hoss.