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I first met Hoss at ‘Puregym’ in Walton-On-Thames, Surrey. UK. I had a consultation with Hoss and I have never looked back. Even the consultation was thorough and we spoke about my aims and targets as well as any injuries and medication I might be taking.

I tried a few sessions and it has put the ‘fighting’ mentality back in me. I was almost on the verge of giving in. My family suggested I get a PT and I didn’t go wrong with Hoss. I was on the verge of 120 kg and in need of a professional. Hoss actually had me on the verge of 105kg at one point before the lock-down began and started to erode my gym visits.

None the less, I have kept with Hossein across ‘Whats-app’ twice a week. The sessions are always varied and different each time. Enough to keep things interesting and challenging. The Sessions are focused and effective. I find that without Hossein I could not get so much out of my training or push as hard.

I used to play a lot of sports and run a lot. With work I have found it harder to get back to the shape I have been in. Hoss though always ensures I go hard before work and has suggested many things to change that.

At the end of the day, If you want someone who is committed and committed for you, Value for money and constantly thinking about how he is going to train you and push you to greater heights, then look no further. Give Hossein a few sessions and you won’t regret it.

 Also, Hoss is of a good nature, friendly, assertive but make no mistake try hard and do your best, It’s for your own good too.

William Wong.


I’ve been training with Hossein for past 3 years. My mum originally introduced me to him and she also continues to be trained by him!

He’s an experienced and committed personal trainer who has helped me achieve my goals, improve my overall level of fitness, supported my rehabilitation after ankle surgery as well as giving me great advice on diet and nutrition. Every session is a challenge but at the same time fun and rewarding! He ensures my technique is correct, is extremely reliable and punctual and has trained me both in a gym and outdoors.

Hossein is a friendly guy and is so easy to get along with. He genuinely cares about his clients and will 100% support and encourage you throughout your fitness journey. I’ve learnt so much from him that I will continue to put into practice!



I have known Hossein for about 5 years, having had personal training twice a week during those years. He has always been very patient and adjusted the programme regularly, which has helped me stay motivated.

He has helped me recover from a couple of surgeries and got me back to the same level as before the ops. I have come to see him as a good friend over the years, showing compassion and giving me the motivation to keep on staying fit. I shall miss him a lot and wish him and his family all the best on their new adventure!


Hoss has been a great pt. Supportive friendly and fun. I will highly recommend him. He changed my life and I’ll be-forever grateful.
Hoss has changed my outlook on exercise!
Not only do I know how to eat well I have lost weight and toned up. He made me feel very comfortable and every session I learnt something new. If you are looking for a personal trainer Hoss is your man!
I came to Hossein because I needed that extra motivation in the gym and I also wanted to learn new exercises. We trained twice a week for 30 minutes about 4 months and I really LOVED every session! He has that friendly and calm but strong aura about him and oozes professionalism and confidence which I love.
I really felt I could be myself with him as well – for a self-conscious girl that’s super important. He took my body measurements every 2 weeks and advised me on a diet too, which over time really helped. I’ve seen my body change in ways I’ve never seen before.
Very impressed! I’ve now got abs, toned arm and leg muscles and for a girl with a small butt I can now say I feel like I have one!
Overall, he’s amazing and I highly recommend him for a personal trainer!
Hossein is a very smiley, friendly, personable guy. I signed up with him after my first legs, bums and tums class he was teaching in Pure Gym. I had about 4 stone to lose and wanted to gain some strength and shape. I have also suffered with a weak lower back for a few years which made daily tasks often quite painful.

I’ve been seeing Hossein for almost a year now and have lost three stone and certainly gained loads of strength. I can’t believe the exercises I can do now that I found really hard in the beginning such as full press ups and 15 burpees in a row! As an added bonus my back has improved 100% so loading the dishwasher, getting shopping bags out of the car, even bending down to feed the cats is no problem.

My sessions with Hossein consist of cardio and strength training, he always challenges me enough to feel like I had a great workout but not so hard it puts me off coming back. He is very attentive during the session adjusting the exercises if I’m struggling and checking form throughout.

I feel as much as I have invested in Hossein he has invested in me reaching my goals and is genuinely interested in helping me get there. He is the third personal trainer I’ve had and certainly the best! I do look forward to my sessions with him and would not hesitate to recommend him whatever your goal might be.

Catherine Avadis


I began my personal training sessions to try and get some form of mobility back as I had suddenly been the victim of several rare auto-immune conditions affecting my lungs, joints, brain and eyes which resulted in my ability to walk being drastically reduced as well as having some neurological issues.

At the beginning I had a walking stick and it took me 40 mins to walk 400 metres to the nearest shop and I was taking 24 tablets a day to manage my conditions.  Since then, and after training with Hossein, I am now able to walk 5kms in 57 minutes and have reduced my medication to 16 tablets a day.  This may not seem much to the average person but to me it means a whole lot to me.

I will always have struggles with my fitness levels as my autoimmune conditions will not be going away, and nor will the medication I have to take, however I am in a far better place than I was and my main aim was always to improve my mobility and related neurological issues.  These HAVE improved greatly and I intend to try and maintain and not undo all the results you have achieved.



Hossein was my personal instructor for 4 months. During that time I gained muscle and lost body fat thanks to his detailed training program and his motivational skills.

Hossein is a dedicated professional who is very keen to help his clients achieve their personal goals and I am very happy to have worked with him. I highly recommend his expertise to anyone who is serious about improving their fitness.

Ali Borjerdian  


My name is Joanna, I start training with Hossein 6 months ago, Hossein told me he can help me to achieve my goals and he did. With help and support from Hossein, diet guidance and tailored exercise programmes I lost 20 kg (equal to my son’s weight), dropped few dress sizes and toned my muscles.

I am looking forward to any session that I do with Hossein and I enjoy my training. I am now 2 stone lighter than before and I am happy with the result that I am getting. I know that with our continued team work, the results will continue as I already feel fitter, more confident and looking forward to develop further.



My experience of PT sessions with Hossein has been entirely positive, at all times. Hossein has always been reliable and professional. He has pushed me to limits further than I knew I was capable of, but never to an excess. I have been the healthiest and strongest in years, thanks to the PT sessions with Hossein.

Best wishes,

Alejandra Sarmiento


I was nervous about working with a personal trainer as I have a long-standing knee injury and, following a period of illness, had become very overweight and unfit.   However, from the moment I met Hossein, I had confidence in his ability and knew that he and I would work well together.  He understood my knee problem completely and adjusted my training so that I could work hard as well as improve my knee.

Hossein encouraged me every step of the way and was very motivating.  Even when I thought I might collapse in a heap, Hossein would convince me that all was well and I could do one more set!

During the time I trained with Hossein, I saw improvement in my strength and fitness every session, I lost approximately 20lbs in weight (although I know I could have lost more had I been stricter with my diet!) and I discovered muscles I had forgotten I had.   Hossein taught me a lot about exercise, which has given me confidence when I work out by myself.

I would highly recommend Hossein to help you reach your goals.

Tina Holland


Hossein is an excellent physical trainer! He focused on all my trouble areas in physical exercise, but more importantly, he helped me identify the problems in my diet and helped me change that!! THAT is what I needed all these years and has made a lasting impact on my fitness and health. Caution: He has a way of knowing what you’ve eaten even if you don’t tell him, so beware!                                                   Maria

Maria Ahmed Ferrand


I received training from Hossein from September 2013 – May 2014 and I have no hesitation in recommending him. He is an excellent trainer who has shown me a clear path forward and motivated me to levels of personal fitness that I could not have achieved on my own.  He is friendly and he really cares about getting his clients healthier and stronger. He followed up on how I was progressing with my training and lifestyle, and he is always explaining to me the way the body works and how to change my lifestyle and eating habits to gain the most from my exercise.

Hossein has the ability to recognize when you are having a bad day (many), and adapts your programme accordingly (tougher is worth the pain). Most importantly he put up with my moaning (muchos), and at least tried to understand the co-dependent relationship I have with cake.

So if you like hard work and are serious about your health and wish to have a personal trainer then I sincerely recommend Hossein. Hayley




I was lucky to have done 07 sessions with you; to start off with your approach to personal training was very impressive and scientific.

I for one have been working out off on my own, having never been trained like this. I found it most useful the way you instructed and pushed me helped me a lot in improving the way I work out in general and the way I perceive fitness in particular. The exercise routines were very useful and I enjoyed doing two muscle groups per session immensely.

In these weeks, I have managed to lose got amount of fat and shed some pounds as well. The overall look of my body has improved and I can feel that as well. Thank you very much for all of your help.

Khayyam Abbasi


Hossein is a first-rate PT. He is a good motivator and has an encyclopedic knowledge how our bodies work, and how to improve and get the best out of them. He gives you real confidence that your goals are achievable. I would recommend Hossein to friends or family without hesitation (and I have done).                                                                                    Sam

Sam, British High Commission